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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living Consciously

If you ask someone if they're living consciously, they'll most likely give you a strange look. So, my advise is not to worry about others, but rather, ask yourself, 'am I living consciously?'. What does that really mean? Actually, it's quite simple. Are you aware of what you are doing throughout the day? Do you make choices, or are you on 'autopilot'?

Ever go to the movies and watch someone eating popcorn and drinking one of those million ounce cups of soda? They will almost robotically put piece after piece of popcorn in their mouth until that huge, salty, dripping with artificial butter (oil) tub of popcorn is empty. Of course they'll top it off with finishing that high fructose filled (or aspartame, if diet) soda that will certainly not quench their thirst. This is just one example of being unconscious while eating something not healthy. I assert however, that when that movie goer first purchased their unhealthy snack, if they thought about the 'choice' they were about to make, then that would be living consciously.

Living consciously doesn't always mean making the right decision, it does however, being the one that makes the choice.


Anonymous said...

Ce post m'a beaucoup aide dans mon positionnement. Merci pour ces informations

Anonymous said...

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Jane Anne said...

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