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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Depression - Natural Depression Remedies


People are under the impression that depression is an illness that strikes more women than men. This is simply not true, and a considerable number of males also get depressed. There’s just one difference: perhaps men are not in the habit of talking about their depression even to loved ones. Women are more open about their feelings of depression, especially when they’re with friends who have suffered the same symptoms.

We ought to be able to tell the difference between depression and the “being down in the dumps” feeling. They’re not the same. In fact 99.9% of the population feel the occasional blues, accompanied by a lack of motivation and unexplainable lethargy. The blues, however, are temporary.

You could be feeling bad about something in particular and mope about for days, but you come back to your senses and snap out of it. It’s a simple case of melancholia triggered by something that really frustrated you. For instance, if you’ve been bypassed for a promotion, you were frustrated and resentful because it was a job that fit your skills to a T and you were sure that you were the top contender. The feeling of rejection is normal. It lasts for days – maybe even weeks – but after awhile you decide that life continues and you move on.

Depression is radically different. It feels like a cloud of darkness persistently hovers above you and you can’t make it go away. Depression is also of a longer duration and if left untreated, may deteriorate your quality of life.

Some people who are depressed don’t even know they are depressed; others accept it as part of life and experience the symptoms for two to three years. It is when they can no longer function and undergo changes in their personality that it becomes imperative for them to see their doctor.

Signs You Are Depressed

You may be depressed if you:

  • Consistently have sad/morbid/suicidal thoughts
  • Suffer from insomnia
  • Have lost your passion for activities you were once passionate about (loss of interest lasting more than a month)
  • Alienate yourself from friends and family
  • Have lost your appetite or suddenly eating much more than usual
  • Can’t concentrate or focus on your tasks
  • Have been de-motivated for longer than a month
  • Always feel tired
  • Cry for no apparent reason
  • Unable to control your anger
Depression: Known Causes

  • Recent job loss
  • Financial problems (bad credit, house foreclosure, etc)
  • Divorce or death of a family member
  • Stress on the job
  • Other factors that can potentially cause depression are a family history of depression (or suicide), a disease that erodes quality of life, pregnancy, menopause, medication side effects, and change of seasons.
Take heart. If you’re opposed to prescription medication, there is one way you can help or prevent depression: taking natural antidepressant supplements regularly. It must be stressed, however, that if you or someone close to you believes that you are suffering from depression, don’t self-medicate. See your doctor right away. Only a medical professional specializing in mental problems can confirm whether or not you are depressed.

If your doctor says it is okay to take natural remedies for depression, choose supplements that have natural ingredients known for their anti-depression properties. An example is 5-HTP, a substance that restores and regulates serotonin. When the brain does not have enough serotonin, feelings of anxiety or depression can occur.

St. John’s Wort is a popular choice among depression sufferers. It became popular in Europe many years ago. If you’re on prescription medication, speak to your doctor first about St. John’s Wort as it may interfere with your treatment.

Choose anti-depression supplements that have been formulated with homeopathic principles in mind, are natural, and are made in the USA for product integrity. Deprex is a great natural product for depression. Many people have had very good results with Deprex by Vaxa.

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