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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Blood sugar problems such as Type 2 diabetes are becomming rampant in the America and the rest of the world. You must learn about blood sugar to understand how to naturally prevent and help blood sugar problems.
Monosachharides – also known as simple sugars – are sugars in your blood.  As long as your sugar levels are within the normal range, you should be fine.  Your body and brain are "in sync."  But when your sugar levels shoot up, you should start worrying.  When your sugar levels go down significantly, you should also be worried.  Depending on the severity of your sugar levels, your doctor may want to put you on medication that will keep your glucose levels balanced. 
There are two – actually three – conditions associated with blood sugar.  One is hyperglycemia.  It means that you have too much sugar.  Hypoglycemia, on the other hand, means that you don't have enough sugar. 
The third condition – euglycemia – is what we should all strive for.  It means our sugar levels fall within the normal range of 3.5 and 5.5 mmol/liter.  When your sugar level registers below 3.5, you have hypoglycaemia; when it registers above 7.0, you may be diagnosed with hyperglycaemia.  Being hyperglycemic all the time does not bode well for your health.  You could be a candidate for diabetes.
There are times when having low blood sugar is only temporary.  It can be triggered when you've skipped a meal and you feel very hungry.  It can also be triggered when you take certain kinds of medication on an empty stomach.  Generally, hypoglycemia symptoms are not as bad as hyperglycemia symptoms.  Hyperglycemia symptoms range from mild (hunger, sweating, numbness), to moderate (changes in mood, headaches, blurred vision, incoherent speech) to severe (failure to concentrate, prolonged confusion, losing consciousness, and even changes in personality).  
Natural Remedies for Blood Sugar Control
In the past, my blood sugar levels were not always consistent; that's because I lead a hectic life and tend to skip meals or eat on the run.  Or else I binge on sweets and sweet wine during special occasions – and then sugar blood levels go up.  I also noticed that my sugar levels would go up during the holidays.  I know I've overdone it because I feel some of the symptoms mentioned above.
I have always been careful with my blood sugar, though, because the last thing I want to have is diabetes.  What I've done in the last three years is taking natural remedies for hyperglycaemia to keep my glucose levels in check.  I'm extremely satisfied with the dietary supplements I've been taking.  They're all made in the USA so I am assured that the ingredients have been tested and formulated under rigorous lab conditions.
Since natual blood sugar supplements are 100% natural, there is minimal risk of experiencing any side effects often associated with prescription meds.  When looking for natural treatments for blood sugar and type 2 diabetes to stabilize glucose levels, look for products that stimulate proper utilization of insulin.  Also, be on the lookout for supplements that have GTF chromium as an active ingredient.  Chromium is an important factor for glucose tolerance. 
Another great supplement for blood sugar balance is cinnamon bark powder or, cinnamon bark capsules– most of the literature I've read suggests that cinnamon has been recognized as a natural treatment for type II diabetes because it can help lower blood sugar.
Many people have not heard of Gymnema Sylvestre. It has a strange name, but has been shown to help with blood sugar problems.
Whatever supplement you take, you should understand more about Insulin Resistance. Good luck and stay healthy.


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